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The Finnish Sauna
The Finnish Sauna To enhance the services on offer at la Vieille Borde, I am offering guests in the gîtes, in addition to the heated swimming pool, a real Finnish sauna. This comprises two parts: the entrance which is the relaxation and rest area and where you can undress and the sauna cabin equipped with a wood burning stove.
The sauna is a Finnish design. All the materials used were imported from Finland and have been assembled on site by two specialists who came over specially from Finland for this purpose. A sauna is good for your health.
Serious medical studies have shown the benefits of sauna bathing for the heart, the circulation and the skin. The sauna stimulates the heart and the metabolism, increases the circulation, speeds up the elimination of toxins and relaxes and loosens up the muscles.
The cosmetic effects of a sauna are easy to see and feel: the faster circulation beneath the skin cleanses the skin in depth, makes it smooth and helps remove spots and blemishes. There is a Finnish saying that “The sauna makes women more beautiful”

The Sauna from Finland
The rest zone
The Sauna cabin
The Finnish Sauna
The rest zone
The cabin

A veritable institution in Scandinavia, the sauna is invigorating and relaxing. Made of northern pine, the cabin has benches on several levels and a stove that heats the volcanic stones.
There is a bucket of water and by throwing water on the stones, you will humidify the atmosphere in the sauna cabin. The heat generated in the sauna cabin is very dry, with a humidity level between 3 and 20% and a temperature between 80 and 100°C depending on whether you are on the top or bottom bench.
The high temperature causes abundant sweating which helps eliminate toxins and cleanse the skin. You breathe deeper and the sauna relaxes the muscles and relieves aches and pains.
For greater efficiency, the session must be followed by a tepid to cold shower to activate the circulation and 15 minutes of complete rest.
The sauna is not recommended for persons with cardiac, circulation or respiratory problems

Cliquez sur la vidéo ci-dessous pour découvrir le sauna !

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